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Rates for holding of events at Maniram Dewan Trade Centre. (taxes extra) and Terms & condition.
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Introductory terms & conditions:

  1. The above rates are applicable including the preparatory and dismantling period.
  2. 60% license fees of the estimated bill as booking advance of the Trade Centre or space rent with taxes in form of bank draft to be accompanied with the application form (available in the website) and remaining 12 hrs before closing of event.
  3. Events to be organised more than 3 day consecutively with an estimated billing amount more than Rs.50,000/- should furnish a bank guarantee certificate from an approved commercial bank to be submitted along with the application. For estimated guaranteed amount and the prescribed format, the organizer may contact the ATPO. The Bank Guarantee certificate format may also downloaded from the website.
  4. GST @18% or as applicable will be applicable over the rate (space rent & other charges).
  5. Electrical connection and consumption charges will be charged separately by way of total Unit Consumed and as per other charges levied by APDCL.
  6. An amount of Rs 50000/- should also be paid as advance two days prior to commencement of fair of duration ten days and more for electricity power to be adjusted against the final bill. Similarly electricity advance would be @ Rs 3000/- per day for booking of the premises for 1 or 2 days .
  7. The ATPO is not responsible for failure of electricity power supply from the source.
  8. Rs.7200/- + 18% taxes will be charged extra for use of Air-conditions in exhibition halls and 300 seater convention hall on per day basis (irrespective of numbers of hall used or time uses during a day).
  9. The Trade Centre has a backup of 250 & 500 KVA Generator which is sufficient to meet the lighting of the entire premises in case of power failure or entire electrical systems, subject to payment of the cost of the diesel(in advance) and Generator charge by the organizers. The DG backup is not available for stalls constructed in the open space. Hence DG backup and emergency fire fighting for the open space is to be arranged from organizer’s end. Hence DG backup, emergency fire fighting and CCTV coverage for stalls/ hangers/ shed constructed in the open space is to be arranged from organizer’s end.
  10. The organisers should equip with backup facilities by way of installation of their own Generator Sets as per requirement (in open space) during their fair/ event period.
  11. For optimum use of the Trade Centre it is restricted the construction period to maximum 7 days and 4 days for dismantling for International Trade Fairs of duration of over 12 days. As regards use of halls only, the construction period is limited to 2 days and dismantling to 1 day. The construction and dismantling period will be charged at same rates as in use.
  12. Pantry constructed outside (open area) to be charged separately (as per size).
  13. At the end of the fair the organiser would have to obtain a no due certificate before the goods are allowed to be taken out of the Trade Centre. Hence organisers are requested to obtain the same by clearing the dues in office working hours at the last date of the fair. In case the last date is a holiday the accounts section would be opened from 11am to 1pm for issuing of No Due Certificate.
  14. The organizers of musical and other events are also required to obtain Public Performance License from the concerned society such as PPL etc. The organizer is also required to obtain proper no objection certificate from Police Commissionarate and Tax clearance certificate from tax department and also required to follow all local rules and regulations governing such events.
  15. The Organizer will ensure to maintain the statutory distance between stalls and keep all the Exit gates, Electrical Panels and CCTV cameras installed in different locations free from any obstructions.
  16. In case of cancellation / Postponement of any confirmed booking by the organizers , the total bill amount of the rented area for the booking period along with taxes shall be liable to pay by the organisers invariably.


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